The Gran Canaria Desktop Summit Is Over

The end of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit is here. While there were still many talks by the Spanish GNOME and KDE attendants, most international visitors left on Friday or Saturday. Friday morning a closing ceremony was held and Saturday there was a press conference.

Everybody agrees that the joint conference of GNOME and KDE developers has truly been an historical event. The cooperation has resulted in many new seeds for future technological innovations and we hope there will be more meetings like this in the future. We were glad that also the local KDE and GNOME spanish communities have been very active.

Both the KDE and GNOME communities are very grateful to the local and national authorities, the university and the Alfredo Kraus conference center for the hospitality and the creative and productive atmosphere. We were also very fond of the beautiful surroundings, the beach and the great city of Las Palmas.

You can read more about the results of the conference on the Dot. An impression of the summit can be found there as well.

And of course both Planets (GNOME, KDE) contain many individual records of what has happened.

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