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This section includes all the information needed to know about flying to Gran Canaria and, once you get to the airport, what you should do to get to the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, where the event will take place. You will also find information about the every hotel and apartment we recommend, along with how to book your room. The local organization has made an agreement with a travel agency to help attendees with this task, and any other request related to accommodation, extra activities, etc.  Due to the cost increase for late tickets the organization strongly recommends that you buy your flight tickets as soon as possible.

  • Information on how to get to Gran Canaria’s airport, and from there to the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium: Transportation
  • It is recommend that the travel agency services are used during the registration process to make your hotel reservation and to purchase flight tickets.
  • Check the Accomodation section to get information about Hotels and apartments. There is a list of recommended accomodation.

Notice about payment of accommodation

All the booking confirmed by Viajes El Corte Inglés for the participation on GCDS should be paid before the deadline on 22nd of may. From that date on, all the unpayment reservations will be cancelled. We will inform all people affected by this situation by email on 22nd of may.

After 22nd of may, we will confirm the accomodation after the requests, and the payment should be made each friday on the week we confirm that reservation. Otherwise, we will cancel the reservation.

Please note, since international payments sometimes take longer than a week, when the travel agency says “the payment should be made each friday on the week we confirm that reservation” it means they have to receive the confirmation of the transfer being made, not the money itself.

This is done because many people has booked rooms but haven’t paid for it and haven’t got in contact with the travel agency to do it since long time ago. This rule is flexible so people can contact the travel agency and justify the delay.

Note on confirmation of payment

  • If you pay by credit card, you shouldn’tneed to do anything else. They will confirm your reservation immediately
  • If you pay by wire transfer, you must send them a receipt for it (screen capture, or scanned/faxed paper receipt). That way they can check wuickly wehther they got your payment. If you don’t, it make take up to 15 days to confirm your reservation because the account number you are wiring your money is not only for the GCDS and they will need to go through all the payments looking for yours.
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